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Staff on Site 24/7


$55 Per Night

$45 Per each additional dog


All dogs MUST have up to date vaccines: Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo and Rabies at least 5 days prior to their visit.

Your Dog's Stay

Please bring a blanket or something that smells like home, this well help soothe your dog at during meal times which is the only time you dog is kenneled. Toys and chews are a plus! We defuse lavander oils and play calming meditation music at night for the boarders.

Pet Taxi

$10 One Way - $15 Round Trip (Within Anchorage City Limits.)
Call for a Quote on Longer Distance Trips!

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Doggy Day Care

The First Day of Daycare is Free!! 

Day Rates

Half Day: 6 Hours or Less
Full Day: 6 Hours or More

Half Day

$29 / $21 for each additional dog

Full Day

$34 / $27 for each additional dog


5 Day Package

$160 / $105 for each additional dog

10 Day Package

$320 / $210 for each additional dog

15 Day Package

$450 / $300 for each additional dog

20 Day Package

$560 / $380 for each additional dog

30 Day Package

$750 / $480 for each additional dog

30 Day Package includes 1 FREE professional bath for MOST BREEDS. Includes up to 30 - Minute Brush-Out, ear cleaning and nail trim. Some restrictions may apply.  No refunds

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Self Service Bathing

30 Minutes or Less


30 Minutes - 1 Hour


1 Hour - 1 1/2 Hours


1 1/2 Hours - 2 Hours


Making an appointment is recommended

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Puppy Cam App

Check in on your pup anytime to see what they’re up to!

doggy cam CCTV view your dog


How Often Should My Pet Be Groomed?

Longer Coat: 4 to 6 weeks
Short/Shaved Coat: 7 to 9 weeks
Please keep in mind cuts vary by breed.
Too much time between grooming sessions increases the risk of matting which can cause injury and discomfort to your pet!

Please ensure that your pet is protected by administering a monthly preventative treatment that you can get from your vet or local pet store. Or add one to your your regular grooming service!

Fleas or Lice

Hair of the Dog will not accept liability for your pet contracting fleas or lice during their stay. If your pet happens to bring fleas or lice into the shop, please note there will be a flea / lice clean up fee (to bathe your pet in flea/lice shampoo) starting at $15.00+ in addition to your groom.

Due to the nature of our business there is always a chance your pet may come into contact with fleas or lice. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PETS WITH FLEAS OR LICE, however it is possible that they could be missed at check-in.

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Treats, Toys, Totes and So Much More!!!